You Have the Power to Conserve!

Written by: Andrea Hurtado

Are you struggling in reducing your monthly bills? Do you need a productive change and new ideas that will not only reduce your monthly bill but also conserve energy? We are here to help!

Our contribution

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program helps residents from both Bell Gardens and Montebello reduce their monthly bills. We are a school district sponsored program that trains students to educate the community about energy conservation. Save energy! Save money! Save the community!

Live green and save green!

The program ultimately helps residents develop a new concept that the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. We incorporate small changes, such as switching light bulbs to more efficient products like LEDs, or provide information about upgrading larger appliances to Energy Star.

We help make your energy bill concerns more manageable by offering FREE in-home energy consultations that allows us to identify products or habits in your homes that can be causing an overload of energy inefficiency. We offer tips on how you can save energy and lower monthly bills!

For more information, contact us today!

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