What the MUSD Energy Ambassadors Do

Written by: Johanna Castellanos

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a community program and internship that hires high school students to educate local residents from Bell Gardens and Montebello about being energy efficient within their household. The student interns are involved in three different areas: marketing, community outreach, and consultations.

First, the Consultation Team attends home energy consultations with residents that have signed up for personalized help on how to save energy in their homes. Additionally, the students use a checklist to determine if a household is energy efficient. However, if a student determines that the house is not effectively saving energy, they will provide the resident with personalized habit changes and tips that they can implement in their homes.

Secondly, the Marketing Team allows students to create flyers and brochures and manage social media accounts. All forms of promotion are made by the students so that residents can become educated on the goals of the program. In some cases, such as for residents who do not live in Bell Gardens or Montebello, they can take the flyers that provide tips and the effects of energy efficiency. Furthermore, the social media accounts are the program’s way form of spreading the word about our program activities.

Finally, the Community Outreach Team is the students’ way to utilize their communication skills, interact with the residents, and hand out our flyers to save energy. During outreach events, students communicate with the residents in a fun environment and help get sign ups for the Consultation Team. The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program provides students work experience and residents information that can be applied in their homes to save energy and money and their bills.

The best part of the program is that each team helps one another achieve program goals!

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