What my experience as an Energy Ambassador has been like

Written by: Kevin Vazquez

My experience with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been quite an experience. I’ve spoken to many people during community outreach events and given PowerPoint presentations to a local Rotary Club. There are many benefits when it comes to this program.

First of all, you get loads of experience whether it involves communication with people or marketing the program through means of social media or creating website/blog posts. Secondly, it is a paid internship which is odd especially for a high school internship. Another advantage is the practical things you learn. Electricity and gas in SoCal is becoming expensive and the education you get in this program is really beneficial. The fact that you are getting experience, money, and a good knowledge is too good to be true.

My role as an Energy Ambassador is to teach people how to save electricity, gas, and money. I try to get as many people to sign up for free consultations if they reside in the Montebello or Bell Gardens area. For those who do not live in those two cities, I hand out useful pamphlets and brochures that educate them on both easy and major tips on saving money and energy. Overall, it’s just helping the community and educating the next generation on how to save energy for the future.

There are a couple of things I look forward to with this program and am excited for. I really hope that my next rotation gives me an opportunity to do consultations and communicate with the Spanish speaking residents. I’m excited for consultations because while they may seem nerve racking, they are very beneficial and provide plenty of experience when talking to home owners. It’s a step into adulthood and pursuing a good job and career.

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