If you are you a high school student attending Applied Technology Center in Montebello or Bell Gardens High School in Bell Gardens and are interested in energy conservation and environmental awareness, apply to become an Energy Ambassador with the MUSD Energy Ambassador program today!

As an Energy Ambassador, you will help spread the word about the program, encourage residents to reduce their energy use, and receive hands-on experience assisting with the free in-home energy consultations. Your experience with the MUSD Energy Ambassador program will prepare you for careers in the field of environmental and renewable technologies that exist today.

Before the internship begins, all Energy Ambassadors will complete a four-day paid training session. Energy Ambassadors will learn how energy is used and how to identify energy-saving opportunities in the home. The training will prepare them for assisting with the in-home energy consultations and conducting community outreach.

During the internship, Energy Ambassadors will participate in a variety of community outreach efforts to connect with Montebello and Bell Gardens residents and encourage program participation. Community outreach opportunities may include: attending community events, speaking at community group meetings, and creating engaging messages to residents. The community outreach opportunities allow the Energy Ambassadors to develop strong communication and team-building skills. Energy Ambassadors will also write blog posts and energy guides to further public education.

Energy Ambassadors will always work under the supervision of an experienced home consultant and energy expert from WattzOn.

See what these Energy Ambassadors had to say about their experience in another California city:

“This internship taught me much more than the difference between an LED and incandescent light bulb. It was my first job, and jobs provide you with the life skills needed to get bigger and better jobs in the future. I’ve gained significant experience in environmental technology and energy efficiency and if I choose to go into these fields in college I’ll be well prepared!”

-A., high school junior

“Working community events help me gain a better understanding of what it truly means to be an Energy Ambassador: someone who is always there to teach about conservation and work their hardest to create an impact in their community. Attending events also allowed me to educate those who are unaware of the positive effects of energy conservation.”

– N., high school junior