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If you are a Montebello or Bell Gardens resident, then let us take the mystery out of energy savings! Sign up for a free in-home energy consultation with trained high school student Energy Ambassadors and an experienced home consultant.

  • See the exact changes you can make in your home to save the most energy
  • Receive a personalized report with your energy use and potential savings
  • Get connected with local rebates and other energy-saving programs
  • Receive access to EnergyCenter, a free energy-saving account to track your future savings
  • This is not a sales call, but a home visit designed to get you started on energy savings through habit and small changes
  • Schedule a home visit at your convenience! We can meet with you:
    • Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm
    • Select Saturdays and Sundays

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See what these residents had to say about their in-home energy consultations in another California city:

“The consultation made me aware that conservation benefits us all. By conserving energy you save money and benefit the community.”

-B., Simi Valley resident

“The Energy Ambassadors did an excellent job of explaining the energy charts and my energy consumption history.”

– P., Simi Valley resident

“The most helpful aspect of the consultation was having the Energy Ambassadors talk about my energy-saving plan and suggesting personalized tips for further savings”

– T., Simi Valley resident

“I gained a better understanding of my bills and learned from the Energy Ambassadors the top energy-consuming areas in my home.”

-K., Simi Valley resident


The in-home energy consultation takes about an hour and a half. During that time we’ll present reports summarizing your past electricity and natural gas usage. We will ask you questions about your habits and appliances throughout your home. Next we’ll walk through your home to identify immediate savings opportunities. And then we come back to the kitchen table to put it all together into immediate easy and low-cost actions. You’ll receive a customized summary report with personalized recommendations and information about local rebate programs.


The in-home energy consultations are available to all Montebello and Bell Gardens homeowners or renters, regardless of income level. Residents should have at least six months of energy utility data to receive the full benefits of the MUSD Energy Ambassador program.


Details on the MUSD Energy Ambassador program privacy policy can be found here. Your data is never shared with a third party. Program reports include a summary of aggregated data from all participants; individual data is never shared. No products or services are sold during or after the consultation.