About Us

The MUSD Energy Ambassador program is a joint community program from Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) and ENGIE Services U.S.. The program is designed to provide local students from two different high schools with the skills needed to educate residents on how to reduce energy in the home. The two participating high schools are Applied Technology Center and Bell Gardens High School.

Free in-home energy consultations are offered to Montebello and Bell Gardens homeowners or renters, regardless of income level. The consultations allow residents to be introduced to ways they can change their habits and appliances to reduce their energy use and lower their monthly bills. Residents learn about energy savings from trained high school students and an experienced home consultant.


The MUSD Energy Ambassador program has three goals:

  1. Train high school students as Energy Ambassadors. Provide valuable job training and hands-on experience to Applied Technology Center and Bell Gardens High School students.
  2. Help residents save energy and money. Teach Montebello and Bell Gardens residents energy-saving techniques during free in-home energy consultations.
  3. Boost the local economy. Spend monthly savings at local businesses to strengthen the Montebello and Bell Gardens economy.


ENGIE Services U.S. works across California, helping schools, community colleges and cities save energy and money.


The MUSD Energy Ambassador program is a locally branded program that uses a suite of local economic and workforce development services from ENGIE Services U.S., known as The Capacity Project. Energy savings are a unique way to help cities achieve broader goals. The Capacity Project helps cities deepen the impact of energy savings. The name, The Capacity Project, was inspired by a comment made by Mayor Luis Molina of Patterson, CA: “Your program is building our city’s capacity – educating our youth and building them for the workforce.” The Capacity Project has been rolled out in three California cities, Livermore, Patterson, and Simi Valley. The Capacity Project was jointly developed by ENGIE Services U.S. and WattzOn, a company based in Mountain View, CA. WattzOn provides the software tools and local programming for the MUSD Energy Ambassador program.

The Capacity Project is a unique way to enhance a community, building its capabilities for a fiscally sustainable and environmentally sustainable future.

For questions about The Capacity Project, please contact Dawn Johnson at djohnson@engie.com.