New Experiences and What I have learned

Written by: Joseph Aguilar

During my first two years of high school I felt like I should be a part of something, something felt empty. In my first year I tried to find my place in high school, so I joined the football team. It was one of the best of summers I had but also one of the worst. I had pushed myself too hard and suffered an ankle injury that had put me out of training for the rest of summer. I was depressed for the majority of freshmen year and also continuing into my sophomore year. Once I had started junior year I wanted to stop sulking and be a part of something and be productive. Then I heard about the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program from a friend in my architecture class. He had told me it was an amazing experience and he learned a lot. So I decided to check it out for myself.

I was very nervous from the start as I did not know if I was going to be accepted in the program. The day of my phone interview, though it had sounded easy, I was very nervous. Of course I had nothing to worry about and I was accepted without a hitch. During the three days of training I learned more about energy conservation then I had ever known before. The training was quick but thorough and clearly explained every detail. They also provided snacks which was a nice bonus! Nothing about it felt overwhelming and before we knew it we were already bonafide Energy Ambassadors.After the training was over it was time to get to work. In the program there are three different teams and we would rotate between the teams every month. The teams are: Consultation Teams, community Outreach Team, and Marketing Team. I started on the Consultation Team. Even though it sounded exciting, I didn’t experience much of it since it was the beginning of the cohort and we hadn’t gained many sign ups. I had only done my mock consultation, which went well, but at first a little awkward to do with my sister.

Then I had rotated to the Marketing Team. It was a lot of fun and I got to be very creative with my work. My first task was to do a poster that was to be displayed during our outreach events which was exciting. However, my favorite task was to make an ad that would be put up on the homepage of my high school! It was a great experience editing it, and finally seeing it on the website was thrilling.

Then finally, the Community Outreach Team. I am currently still on the Community Outreach Team, but so far it has been amazing to talk to residents first hand and explain to them how to save energy.

To end, as you can tell I had an amazing experience and loved every minute of it. It is sad to see it come to a close with our cohort being the last, but I really valued my time with my fellow ambassadors and also with Staci and Brianna who helped me teach, communicate, and improve every step of the way to better the lives of those in my community, but my own as well.

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