My Time as an Energy Ambassador

Written by: Emanuel Miranda

My name is Emanuel Miranda and I have been an Energy Ambassador for about three months. My journey as an Energy Ambassador has been very exciting and fun. I began this program with little knowledge on ways to save energy, but now I have learned many energy saving tips. So many tips that I am able to teach others how to save and it’s all thanks to the program. Through this program I have also been able to feel more comfortable talking to people that I don’t know to inform them about a specific topic.

My role as an Energy Ambassador was to teach others on how to save energy and spread the word about the program so that they can sign up for free home consultations. I have also been happy with the way the program is run. The managers have always been so flexible with the time that Energy Ambassadors work and are always open to questions that we have about how do to something or what would be the proper thing to say. Being an Energy Ambassador has been a great experience for me and is a great opportunity for others to learn skills that every job would ask for.

I’m most excited about my next outreach event so that I can get more consultation sign ups and meet new people. I’ve so far done three community outreach events and they have all been great. Community outreach events have also been a good opportunity to refine my skills to communicate better with people. The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has also given me new skills that I can translate to other jobs like jobs relating with energy or jobs related to marketing, outreach, and consultations.

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