My Experience With the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

Written by: Sinahi Gaytan

This year I have been given the opportunity to work as an Energy Ambassador for the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program. I have learned so much ever since starting this program about one month ago. This program has brought a lot of knowledge to me about ways a community can save energy by making simple changes in their home. As simple as taking shorter showers or unplugging any devices when not in use, as well as changing from incandescent light bulbs to LED bulbs. Along with many more ways to save energy, this program has also allowed me to reach out to my community and help them become more aware of ways they can conserve energy while saving some money as well.

This month, I was placed on the Community Outreach Team. My job is to attend local events and talk to people and let them know more about our program or whether they would like to know any information on how to save money and energy. Along with that, we also provide them with free home consultations if they sign up for one, that way we can personally go to their house and let them know what may be using up majority of their energy, and we can help them out or give them some tips.

These outreach events have been a fun experience for me, which I am very grateful for. It has allowed me to make a great difference in my community and help others, as well as myself. It is a great program and learning experience.

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