My Experience with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

Written by: Rosalinda Diaz

My three years in high school were the worst years because I felt lost and not involved with anything within my school. Not doing anything significant outside of school for three school years began to get on my nerves. Senior year came around and I was still looking for different activities to get into. Thankfully a very close friend of mine mentioned the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program! Because I heard many positive reviews and experiences about the program from past Energy Ambassadors I decided to apply to the program. To be quite honest, I didn’t think I would be accepted because I didn’t have any experience in this field.

After I submitted my application the nerves began to kick in throughout the week. The day of my phone interview I felt less anxious and more confident because my answers were sincere. A week later I received an email – I was accepted! Training began the week after and lasted three days. Both directors of the training days made the material very smooth and easy to understand. Brianna and Staci made this experience ten times better. Their positive attitude and awesome efforts made me look forward to the training days and the whole program in general. Nothing about the program felt overwhelming or stressful.

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program consisted of three different rotation groups to work within. The groups consisted of: Community Outreach, Marketing, and Consultation. My first rotation started off in the Consultation group. Second came the Marketing group and I was given the task of creating all sorts of flyers that we would hand out at events.

The Consultation and Community Outreach rotations gave me the experience of working face to face with residents. I learned many tips and tricks that I will continue to use in the future. I honestly wouldn’t be able to choose a favorite rotation because personally I loved being in all of them. Sadly this program comes to an end after this month. I really enjoyed being part of this program. I will forever be thankful for the skills Briana and Staci taught me that can be used in the future!


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