My Experience as an Energy Ambassador so far…

Written by: Brayan Ayon

To start, my role as an Energy Ambassador has been honestly better than I expected! When I first entered the program with the training held at ATC, I expected that I would feel uncomfortable with my new co-workers and there would be hectic schedules where I wouldn’t be able to work at all. Surprisingly enough, it is exactly the opposite of what I thought! Working with the other ambassadors is simple and feels as if I’m part of a big team where no one is ostracized at all. The scheduling is planned exceptionally in which it is totally flexible to work around depending on our availability.

So far, I have accomplished multiple tasks with different roles that I have enjoyed very much. My first task on the Marketing Team was to create and edit a script for an introductory video about the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program. After the revisions were applied and the script was finalized, we proceeded to film the clips for the video, which honestly was a pleasure doing.

After a month of being on the Marketing Team, I embarked a new role on the Community Outreach Team, which has been my favorite role so far. During community outreach events, my team and I speak to different residents about the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program and how we can help them conserve energy.

As my days as an Energy Ambassador go by, I’m learning new skills and gaining experience that can potentially assist me with my future career. Some of the skills that I have developed and even improved are: communication skills, collaboration skills, written communication skills, and customer service skills. I gained more experience with talking to new people where before I was too shy and anxious to speak to new people. I’ve also gained knowledge about the topic of energy conservation and how to effectively make an impact in a community. All in all, I’ve learned nothing but prominent skills, topics, and experiences so far in this program.

During my tenure with this program, I still am ambitious on gaining more skills and experience. I hope to learn how to improve my communication skills with other people because I still feel there are critical faults that I can fix. Moreover, I want to gain more experience being a team leader because I still feel like I can’t effectively coordinate a team of other people and I tend to be passive as a leader. And lastly, one of the last things I want to accomplish after this program is to create an impact in our communities!

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