My experience as an Energy Ambassador

Written by: Emanuel Miranda

My name is Emanuel Miranda and I have been in the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program for six months and I feel that the program is wonderful. I began the summer of 2018 not knowing much about energy conservation, but as the program progressed I developed a greater understanding of what it truly meant to be energy efficient. In the program I was astonished by how it felt to have an actual job. It was so surreal because it had every aspect of a job, like having a supervisor, a real paycheck, and actual work hours. What I am looking forward to is, sadly, our last event, which is our end of the cohort/program celebration. Although it is a celebration for all the work we did, it’s sad because that day will be the end of our program.

In my first and second cohort I began on the Consultation Team (my personal favorite) and the experience that I will associate with it is that it was very calm and the people always wanted to know more about us and how to save energy. The reason I enjoyed that team so much is because I would be going to a completely new neighborhood and talk to people who want to save electricity, so therefore it would be a completely new experience every time.

The next team I was a part of was the Marketing Team. It was always fun when we were doing presentations for clubs or making educational videos. The last team that I was a part of was the Community Outreach Team, and it was much like the Consultation Team but instead we might speak to people who weren’t interested at all in what we had to say. It was still fun because at first I didn’t think many people would care about saving energy, but I was wrong! The majority of people that we spoke to was very interested and wanted to change their habits.

What I have gained from all this is that having a job can be very fun and that I shouldn’t be shy because the people that I’m talking to are just normal people. I have also gained the insight on how to talk to people because I see it as what if that were me and how would I approach myself to maybe get a consultation sign up.

This was my experience and everything I learned while I was an Energy Ambassador and it’s sad that this is going to be our last cohort. My hopes for the citizens of Montebello and Bell Gardens is that they still seek ways on how to save energy and not just to save money but to save the environment because I would love to see my future children having a bright future and without fear of global warming.

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