My Experience as an Energy Ambassador

Written by: Irania Ochoa

My short time as an MUSD Energy Ambassador has been a memorable one. In the span of a few weeks I have made many new friends and expanded my horizons regarding who I associate myself with. While being in the program I have established relationships with people I never thought to associate myself with. A factor that contributed to this has been the team building activities between the ambassadors that really help me venture out of my comfort zone and interact with my fellow ambassadors in fun ways.

Also, the program has helped me improve my communication skills in school and in everyday life since the program has helped me build confidence when speaking to strangers and to people in general. Also, by stepping out of my comfort zone in the program I have took it upon myself to explore new challenges and try things that scare me.

My time on the Community Outreach Team has been very enjoyable in the sense that I have the privilege of educating my community on ways to conserve energy and save money all while making friends and having fun. The ambassadors I have been working along with have been very friendly and pleasant to work with, we help each other out when talking to residents and overall have worked well a as a team. Also, the program supervisor Brianna has been very helpful and makes it a comfortable space for educating the community as well as learning. She helps in any way possible and if at any time any of the ambassadors need help explaining something to residents she steps in and makes sure everything is in order.

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been a great opportunity for me. I have acquired a number of skills that I’m going to take with me for the rest of my life. The program has had an incredible impact on myself along with other ambassadors I’m sure of it and it has also had a significant influence to the communities of Bell Gardens and Montebello. I’m sure that by the time December rolls around and my time in the MUSD Ambassador Program is done I will have a great set of skills acquired and great things will have been accomplished in Montebello and Bell Gardens.

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