My Experience as an Energy Ambassador

Written by: Charlie Martinez

My experience as an Energy Ambassador so far is everything I had hoped for. I’ve gotten real hands on experience working and have had the opportunity to further develop my skills. This job has given me many opportunities to work with others to reach a goal. I have learned what marketing was like and I was able to contribute my own ideas to the program. I’ve had many opportunities to interact with people interested in our program which has helped me improve my communication skills.

During the first rotation, I had the great opportunity to be on the Marketing Team which really interested me when I first heard about the program. The first project I worked on was designing a referral flyer. My goal was to make the flyer look attractive while using concise wording to convey our message. I liked the process because it taught me how to create a great flyer that was concise and pleasant to look at.

For my second rotation I was placed on the Consultation Team. It was very interesting and it was definitely an eye opening experience. For the in-home consultations, many things were needed to make it successful. Proper communication was needed in order to communicate with the residence about their energy use habits. Some preparation was also needed beforehand in order to give residents the best energy saving recommendations. We also have to know how to read their gas and electric bills so that we can effectively break it down for them. Being bilingual also came in handy because most residents in my community are Spanish speakers.

I am currently on my third rotation which is the Community Outreach Team. During our community outreach events, we set up in public places such as libraries and public events and share information about our program and offer our free in-home consultations to community members. I have done community outreach at two libraries in Bell Gardens and Montebello. I have gotten to meet new people and I have gotten the opportunity to have conversations with them. Being on the Consultation Team is great, but I didn’t expect it would be difficult to get people to sign up for a consultation. Talking to people I don’t know is a little outside my comfort zone, but during the community outreach events that fear went away with every person I spoke to.

We are offering free in-house consultations in the Montebello and Bell Gardens area. If you are interested you can sign up here or you can call 1-800-314-5997.

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