My Experience

Written by: Alyssa Cruz

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been a great experience so far. The program has shown me how to save energy, how to collaborate with other people, and put myself out there when meeting new people. When collaborating with my team, I was able to meet new people and felt really comfortable working together to finish our task. We also had to put our brains together and help each other think. I have learned how to talk to others to get things done right.

What I have learned is that saving energy is important and how saving energy can affect our billing. I learned that when you have things plugged in to an outlet when you are not using it still wastes energy. LED lights can help you save more energy than CFL. We learned how to talk to someone who wants to learn more about energy saving and how to answer their questions.

On the Community Outreach Team we go to places to talk to people who are interested and we learn that working as a team we can help one another with answering questions correctly and when we don’t know the answer we may look back at our notes or ask a fellow teammate.

I am most excited to go and talk to people and give them tips on how they can lower their bills. I am also excited to get out of my comfort zone and have better communication skills. I am also excited to run our both and show people how high school students have the ability to run a program and work as a team. As a team we are going to go out there and work hard!

So far I have learned how to communicate, not be scared, and not to second guess my answer and be confident. We had training and I learned so much about how to save energy and get tips to lower energy bills. In conclusion, this job is going to help us out a lot in opening up and not being scared to taking risks. I have built confidence in speaking to other people, I have opened up, and I learned to be confident in what I say. I am looking forward to learning more and having more new experiences.

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