My Exciting Learning Experience

Written by: Gisselle Martinez

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has become very beneficial in my life. This internship continues to give me a lot of tools that are going to be very useful to my future and in my education. I really enjoy the group I started off with, which is the Community Outreach Team. I really look forward the many new connections that are to come in this program.

Communication is one of the key tools that I have gained. I am someone that can be very timid when it comes to speaking to new people. During the community outreach events that I have attended, like at Bell Gardens High School and Ford Park, I have gotten very comfortable talking with many new people. Passing along information has become a very easy task to complete.

So far in the internship, I have gained so many tips on how to improve my everyday habits. I was surprised to find out that simple tips such as putting a tennis ball in the dryer with your clothes can help you save energy. Energy saving, which is our goal in the program, is so much easier than it looks. With the learning of simple easy tips, I have felt more motivated to save energy within my home.

Besides communication and knowledge, I have gained new connections within the program. My coworkers and I have grown to become closer because we all want the best for each other. We have many similarities that we would not have known if we were not in this program. With these new connections I feel like I have been exposed to whole different side because I was so used to talking to the same people I see everyday.

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