My Ambassador Experience

Written by: Edwin Ponce

My time being an Energy Ambassador has changed my viewpoint on certain areas regarding job and work duties. So far, I’ve had direct deposits into my bank account, worked on postcards and flyers to try and send out the message of our program, and met with fellow ambassadors at certain outreach events to meet resident and get them to sign up for our home consultations.

More specifically, I was on our Marketing Team first, and then our Community Outreach Team, and finally, I will be working in our Consultation Team. These past few months have taught me responsibility and time management, and have improved my social skills.

During my time on the Marketing Team, I have learned how to create public flyers that would make residents come by our booth and learn how save money on their monthly energy bills as well as basic things they can do to live more energy efficient lives. My time on the Community Outreach Team has improved my social skills and made me more efficient in social contact. All of these are essential keys in life to live happily. It might not seem like it, but this program brings many real-world benefits that students must be willing to see and take advantage of. And as for the future Consultation Team I’m not completely sure what benefits that will have, but I am sure it will be a fun experience as well as educational.

This program has been great for me in many ways, and I would’ve tried to get more of my friends in the program because of how it appeals to young people trying to work, make money, get job experience or just have an occupation for three months. This has truly been the greatest job I’ve ever had, and the most fun. I would’ve loved to try it again just to succeed even more and be an even better Energy Ambassador.

I wish the best of luck to anyone that wants to schedule a consultation because anyone and everyone deserves to save monthly by doing some simple things here and there!

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