MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

Written by: Sinahi Gaytan

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is an internship given to high school students from Bell Gardens High School and Applied Technology Center. These students are trained to go to community outreach events or assist in-home energy consultations where they will provide people with information and different ways that energy can be saved. This program overall provides the community with more knowledge about energy and how they can make simple changes within their home to save energy, money and help the environment. It is a paid internship for the students involved, therefore the students get work experience, have benefits for themselves, and it must be treated as their own job.

The students are rotated within three different teams. In each rotation every student is very involved and contains a specific job. For instance, one of the three teams is the Community Outreach Team, in which the students set up in different events or places in Montebello or Bell gardens. It is a small setup to gain people’s attention and inform them about our program or give them all types of energy information. In these community outreach events, students try to get as many residents to sign up for one of the free consultations.

In the Consultation Team, it is the Energy Ambassador’s job to go to a resident’s home, with a supervisor, and check things out and figure out what is using the most energy in that household. Once figuring everything out, the ambassador then gives information and advice so that the resident is able to save energy and money. These consultations are completely free!

Lastly, the last rotation includes the Marketing Team. Energy Ambassadors on this team have different modes of social media to be able to talk to the community electronically, since majority of society see things through social platforms. Through these social platforms, ambassadors provide everyone with different tips every day, or simple ways in which everyone can save energy quickly.

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program includes many benefits to the community and the young Energy Ambassadors. It is a great opportunity to reach out to the community and help out as many residents as possible, as well as to give work experience to these young ambassadors.

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