Learn more about the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program!

Written by: Darling Gonzalez

 What is an Energy Ambassador?

 A MUSD Energy Ambassador is a committed and driven student intern from Bell Gardens High School or the Applied Technology Center in Montebello who is dedicated to making a positive change in his/her community. An Energy Ambassador strives to inform his/her community on the extensive advantages of saving energy on a daily basis. At the same time, each Energy Ambassador gains knowledge, experience, and leadership that will help them flourish in their academic and professional journey.

 How do Energy Ambassadors impact the community?

The goals for Energy Ambassadors align with helping the community understand the importance of saving energy. Such ideal is beneficial for each member of the community in both the financial and environmental aspect. As residents of Bell Gardens and Montebello are informed of the benefits of saving energy, they begin to decrease their monthly electric/gas usage and at the same time make their community a healthier, happier place.

What’s the bigger picture?

As Bell Gardens and Montebello residents begin to understand the importance of saving energy, they also contribute in helping solve a global issue. In my own life, I have made lifestyle changes that may be perceived as minute, but I know they can still have an impact on improving a consistent issue: global warming. The polar ice caps deplete every year and this consistency is seen as a terrifying reality caused by the lack of cooperation between communities in making a positive environmental change. The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is designed to educate communities and simultaneously create a lasting effect on a consistent global issue.


  • Phone: 1-800-314-5997
  • Email: MUSDenergy@wattzon.com

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