Learn how our program works!

Written by: Amy Martinez

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program focuses on helping residents and high school students of Bell Gardens and Montebello learn more about saving energy. Our program helps the community and raises awareness on the amount of electricity that’s used in homes. In this program we have three different sections; the Community Outreach Team, Consultation Team, and Marketing Team.

The Marketing Team is in charge of making flyers to give out helpful information to residents about our program and what they can do to save energy. The Community Outreach Team goes to different events around the community and gives information and our flyers to residents who will be willing to do an in-home energy consultation. The Consultation Team goes to the homes of residents to provide them with energy-saving information. Based on the appliances they have we give recommendations on the things they can do; such as habits, appliances, and what they that can do to save energy and money.

During the consultations, residents learn about different ways they can save energy. They also learn things that will help benefit their homes. Many residents can save money even if it’s something as little as changing their habits. Something as simple as turning off the lights when not in use, taking shorter showers, and disconnecting devices from plugs when the device is off, can benefit the in the long run. There are also other things in homes that residents can change. They can change the types of light bulbs they use, like LEDs or CFLs. Residents can also consider switching to Energy Star appliances that can save them energy and money.

The program helps benefit the residents and teaches many people in the community how to save money on their homes and what can do to help the environment. This helps benefit the high school students by teaching us how to communicate with one another and work together. We all communicate with each other to provide better information to the residents. Everyone has a part in this program that helps when we go do public speaking or giving presentations.

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