Insight to the Energy Ambassador Program

Written by: Andrea Hurtado

Our involvement…

Being part of the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has provided me with an abundance of information about energy conservation. As an Energy Ambassador I have been able to help my community by providing them with tips and in-home consultations. We help promote the concept that the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. We hope to encourage our residents in becoming an eco-friendly community by incorporating our concepts and ideas.

Our enthusiasm…

Based on my experience, I have greatly enjoyed working with my fellow Energy Ambassadors and having conversations with residents. I characterize myself to be creative and social which fits perfectly for this program. Attending outreach events and talking to the community has been a great experience so far. I genuinely enjoy talking to every citizen and hearing some of the minor problems they have that causes energy inefficiency. The best thing overall is being able to provide each resident with helpful flyers with energy tips and ideas for new appliances. Make a difference, Make a change. It all begins with you!

The excitement continues…

Even though I have been in this program for two cohorts I feel that I learn new concepts every day. I enjoy attending meetings and learning about everyone’s work so far. I’m extremely excited in attending events that allow me to engage with fellow residents and apply my newly learned material to help them be more energy efficient.

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