How our program benefits everyone!

Written by: Citlalli Arteaga

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a student-led program that provides high school students with work experience as well as knowledge about energy efficiency. The student Energy Ambassadors also assist with the free in-home consultations that we offer to residents of the Bell Gardens or Montebello and give tips on energy conservation around the house.

The program is split up into three sections: community outreach, marketing, and consultations. On the Community Outreach Team, Energy Ambassadors go out to speak to residents and spread information about energy efficiency. Students learn communication skills as well as losing fear of talking to strangers. On the Marketing Team, Energy Ambassadors are given tasks such as writing an article or creating a poster to catch the resident’s attention. Ambassadors learn time management and how to engage the audience through an eye catching design. On the Community Outreach Team, ambassadors go to resident’s home in the Montebello or Bell Gardens area to provide information on how they can save energy around their homes and decrease their energy bills.

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is not only beneficial for the students involved, but to our community as well. The students in the program gain work experience, earn money, and learn skills. Additionally, by participating in the program, the students are trained with important knowledge that they can later distribute to the community. The community benefits as well because the Energy Ambassadors provide information that residents might not know and help expand their wisdom on energy efficiency. Not only does the community gain knowledge, but they also save money in the long run from applying the tips given during the in-home consultations.

In conclusion, the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a great program for any student interested in energy efficiency. The program spreads knowledge through high school students and benefits the community in saving energy and money.

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