How does our program help communities?

Written by: Rina Lemus

You are probably thinking what is an “Energy Ambassador”? An Energy Ambassador is a person who works with other people to achieve community-wide energy savings. The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program started in the beginning of 2018; this program is a community program from Montebello Unified School District and ENGIE Services US. The program gives high school students from Montebello and Bell Gardens an opportunity to develop their skills such as writing, communication, and time management. Not only that, but these students help their community by providing information on how to save energy so we can all have a cleaner environment.

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program consists of three teams. The first team is the Consultation Team. The Consultation Team consists of going to the houses of residents that live in Montebello and Bell Gardens and help them understand how their natural gas and electric bill works. During the consultations, personalized tips are provided based on how much energy the home consumes. This helps every home reduce their energy bills!

Our second team is the Marketing Team.  The Marketing Team helps students develop their artistic and technology skills as they produce flyers, brochure, and guides on different energy-related topics.

Last but not least is the Community Outreach Team. The Community Outreach Team allows students to go to different community events and interact with the community by talking to them and offering them free consultations.

In conclusion, the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a helpful program that benefits the community and our students by helping them learn more and develop their skills. If you will like to learn more about us or schedule a free consultation call us or email us!

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