how can the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program benefit you?

Written by:  Rosalinda Diaz

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a community and internship program where high school students (like me!) work with Engie Services US to promote energy savings. Our program is a student led program with high school students from Bell Gardens High School and the Applied Technology Center in Montebello. Our program focuses on helping Montebello and Bell Gardens residents by offering free home energy consultations.

During these consultations residents can both save energy and money in their homes. We provide tips and tricks that can be used within homes. Besides the home consultations, the students involved are placed in three groups and rotate to work within three different areas. In Marketing we are assigned different creative tasks, like: making posters, managing social media accounts, promoting the program, and creating flyers that are given out during the consultations and community outreach events.

For Community Outreach we attend events in Montebello and Bell Gardens, set up booth, and give information about our program and as well we promote the free home consultations.

Our Consultation Team assists the residents during the free consultations and gives advice on how to save money and energy. We also give a $10 gift card when you refer a friend!

Ever since the program has launched we have completed over 70 home consultations with the residents of Bell Gardens and Montebello. As well he have talked to over thousands of residents and spread the word about our program.

This is my first cohort as an Energy Ambassador and I feel confident mentioning that we have been able to help the community and environment by educating people on how to use electricity and natural gas more efficiently. During the consultations I have completed, residents always feel pleased with the message we give. Our home consultations can help both you and the environment!

If you would like to know more about our program, or if you would like to sign up for consultation to make a difference in your homes and the environment, please call us or email us! Thank You!

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