Energy Guide: Watch and Save Energy!

Written by: Alejandro Cruz

In society today, the norm to have a television stationed in every single room of our house. As we watch TV daily, an essential piece in our lifestyle is to catch up on our favorite TV shows, movies, cartoons, etc. However, the increasing number of televisions in our household, in conjunction with the increasing size of each TV, play a major factor in the amount of energy being consumed. Hence, the TVs in our household are a critical impact to our electricity bill. On the other hand, switching to ENERGY STAR products can make huge cuts to our bills and our energy!

What are ENERGY STAR Products?

ENERGY STAR is the government backed-symbol for energy efficiency; its purpose is for consumers and businesses to be able to purchase products that save money and ensure the environment’s safety. ENERGY STAR TVs are estimated to be a whopping 27% more energy efficient than non-certified models. Televisions can be a top three electricity consumer in our household, therefore making the switch can easily save hundreds of dollars over the lifespan of the products.

Making the Switch

All ENERGY STAR products earn their label by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and guarantee that the product is certified to deliver the performance the consumers expect. When transitioning to a new TV, taking note of the size by not buying too large will also increase the amount of saving you can possibly gain. Moreover, make sure to avoid any plasmas and look into LCD and LED TVs. ENERGY STAR is the way to go and is a great start to transitioning to an eco-friendlier household and savings for your bills.

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  • Christopher Ramos
    February 17, 2018 (1:22 am)

    Really nice written article! Makes me think of how much energy I can just save by just switching TVs

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