Energy Guide: Unlimited Energy

Written by: Karen Romero

Ever heard of a solar panel? If you have no clue what a solar panel is then you are not aware on a renewable way to save energy. A solar panel is designed to absorb the sun’s energy to then be converted into electricity to power your home. Of course, to own a solar panel system there is certain restrictions. You first need to find out whether your home is right for a solar panel system. Also, the roof needs to be in a good condition. Lastly, you own your home and will live there for a certain amount of time.

Solar is a renewable energy source which means that we can use the energy as long as we have the sun. Installing a solar panel system reduces your energy bills, and it is also eco-friendly which means the system does not cause harmful pollution that can affect our health nor does it damage the environment. Solar panels help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. The panels also help reduce the usage of fossil fuels since traditional electricity is made through coal, oil or natural gas.

Being able to install a solar panel system requires your roof to face the right direction. In this case, the roof needs to face the south. Roofs with angles need to be 0 to 45 degrees, flat roofs work good as well. If there’s any kind of shade whether is due to trees, trimming the branches would be sufficient since the shade can decrease electricity production. If you’re planning to redo your roof in the next 5 years, it is recommended the work should be done before the panels get installed. The best roof consists of no obstructions such as chimneys, skylights or dormers. Last but not least, some homeowners recover the investments in 8-15 years so it’s best to stay in your home for that amount of time.

Some disadvantages for solar panels would probably be the cost. For some of us the cost is more of an impact compared to the energy being saved because some of us may be on a budget. We are talking about $20,000 – $35,000 not including the batteries, wiring, and the installation. A solar panel system requires a lot of space depending on how much energy you want to produce. One of the common disadvantages would be that the solar panel system relies on the sunlight. Therefore, cloudy or rainy days can have a negative effect on the energy system.

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