Energy Guide: Tips on Phantom Power

Written by: Adrian Hernandez

First, let’s talk about what phantom power is. Phantom power is the energy consumed from an electronic that is plugged in but turned off. A lot of people tend to think that when something is off and plugged in it does not drain power. But the electronic still uses energy! The energy used may power a tiny light or something simple like a clock. Phantom power tends to be common in households that do not monitor their power usage. Phantom power can make up about 15% of a home’s electricity bill. Phantom power can be solved with simple steps and small purchases.

Some simple steps include unplugging any appliances or electronics that are not needed. Don’t let anything that powers a tiny light be plugged in because that is when power is still being drained. Common electronics that consume phantom power are gaming consoles, computers, TVs, anything in that category.

Some small purchases that can help with preventing phantom power are regular power strips, smart power strips, or smart plugs. Power strips are very helpful as they expand the number of outlets you have and when you know you are not going to anymore electronics you can hit a switch on the power strip that stops providing electricity to the electronics.  This saves you energy and money! The smart power strips are helpful as each plug can be controlled, so you can control what electronics needs to stay on and what ones can be turned off. Smart plugs let you control when something receives electricity through an app on your smart phone. All small purchase give you control to save energy and money!

These tips can really help you save money in the long run with your electricity bill since phantom power can make up to 15% of your bill. If you like to invest money with small purchases the recommendations are right there and they do impact how much energy is used.

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