Written by: Heather Bihis

The first electric vehicle was invented in the year of 1884 (that was a long time ago). Electric cars weren’t as popular or talked about as they are today. Chances are, you have heard of electric vehicles, but don’t know much about them. There are many benefits when you switch to an electric or hybrid car. Some of these include: saving money, helping the environment, and also helping our economy.

It is not a secret that gas is expensive. And newsflash, it isn’t getting any cheaper. Petroleum is a resource that we are quickly running out of, so it seems fitting for our modern society to search for other ways to get around. By switching to electric, it will be much cheaper than filling up a tank of gas. An electric car can get you to about 150 miles or more (depending on the car of course) off of one charge. This may not seem like a lot, but when a full charge is going to cost you a little over $2, it seems like a whole lot more.

Today, we are living through an environmental phenomenon that we call global warming. This is caused because of our fossil fuel consumption and the emissions we release into the air. Cars are a big percentage of these emissions that contribute to air pollution. Switching to electric can help because electric cars do not emit these harmful chemicals that damage our environment.

As a country, we are heavily relied on petroleum. As previously mentioned, we are running out of it in our own country so we look to other countries to fulfill our needs. The reason gas is so expensive is not only because it is scarce, but also because we have to outsource it. It becomes really expensive to import all those goods over to the US. If we switch to electric, cars can be charged at home, Gas stations will become charging stations, and our country wouldn’t have to rely on other country tries to support our mode of transportation.


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