Energy Guide: Summer & Winter Thermostat Tips

Written by: Darling Gonzalez

As the summer season ends and we move on to fall and winter, we begin to realize how high the electricity and gas bills are. However, we do not realize that our own actions can contribute to the high bills. By following the tips below, we can save energy and money during the hot summer season and the chilly winter season.


  • Thermostat settings during the summer should be set as high as comfortably possible.
  • When home, the optimal thermostat setting is 78°F.
  • By using both a ceiling fan and your AC you can raise the temperature 4 degrees. Each degree you raise your thermostat reflects in a 5% energy savings.
  • Turn off all fans when you leave the room; a fan only cools the person, not the room
  • Avoid placing appliances that exert heat near any AC.

Winter Tips:

  • When home, the optimal thermostat setting is 68°
  • Turn the thermostat down in the day. This can save 10% annually!
  • Also, turn the thermostat down at night.
  • If possible, use blankets and warm clothing instead of turning on your heater.
  • Use natural light more often during the day instead of turning on your lights.
  • Open your windows during the day to let sunlight in and make your home warmer.

Additional MUSD Energy Ambassador Tips and Tricks:

  • On summer days, try using fans and the air conditioner so that you can lower the thermostat setting.
  • Keep your furnace clean and unblocked.
  • Try raising the settings on your air conditioner every time you leave your home rather than turning it off. This saves more energy than money.
  • In the winter, add carpets and rugs to your floor to better insulate your home.
  • Try to bundle up in the cold season instead of turning on your heater.


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