Energy Guide: Phantom Power, Be Gone!

Written by: Edwin Ponce

Phantom power is one of the many ways that you waste energy and raise your electric bill. Phantom power is something that can be easily prevented but it is often forgotten by most households. Most people who don’t know what phantom power is or how to reduce it are missing out on a large opportunity to save money on their monthly bills.

Roughly about 15% of a home’s electricity use is consumed from phantom power. That is a fairly large chunk of a monthly bill. Phantom power is when appliances or other electronic devices are turned off but left plugged into the outlets. These devices drain energy and make the overall monthly bill higher. But do not fear! For there is a simple yet effective solution: simply unplug any appliances or devices that do not to be on when you leave the house or the room. Simple, right?

But there are times when you cannot unplug some appliances, and when cases like that occur, there are still ways to use less or even no electricity. For certain items in your house that must stay plugged in, such as a modem or router or TV cable box, you can purchase power strips that are specifically designed to use less or no energy at all. They have color coded outlets for certain devices, and when plugged into those outlets, the devices can be automatically powered off.

And the final way to save energy at home is to simply buy Energy Star products. Energy Star products are specifically designed to use less energy while at the same time completing most of their functions.

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