Energy Guide: Keeping Cool Without the AC

Written by: Joan Espinoza

Summer is a hot season. Although the obvious main choice that many people use to cool their home during these hot times is the air conditioner, it may not always be the best economical and environmentally friendly choice. With a combination of certain actions, you can keep your home cool during the summer while reducing the energy usage. Even with the summer season is drawing to a conclusion, this information and tips can be used for the next summer.

To begin, you can open your windows in the morning and evening to draw in the cool air. Make sure to close your windows the moment the day begins to get warm. In addition, you can place fans in the room to ventilate and push the warm air outside and cool the air around you. If you will be moving to another room, you can take the fans with you. And don’t forget to disconnect the fans if no one is in that room. Fans help you feel significantly cooler, without having to worry about that expensive electric bill from the air conditioner.

If you would like to cool down your home even more, you can make your house darker; heat from the lights is part of why your house becomes warm. When not using a room in your house, turn off the lights. If you have curtains, close them to block out sunlight that would normally create heat.

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