Energy Guide: Is going solar right for me?

Written by: Daniel Nogal

Many home owners ask the question “Is going solar right for me?” Well, going solar is probably the best choice any home owners can make. There are many positives by going solar, but there are also some negatives when going solar.

So, if you want to go solar these are the positive effects:

  1. You help keep your community environmentally friendly
  2. You save a lot of money on your electricity bills
  3. Simple to use equipment for solar panels
  4. You can sell your energy as a home owner to companies to redistribute
  5. Southern California residents get more sunlight than others meaning more energy
  6. Less pollution being produced by coal factories
  7. No longer tied to the electricity grid

If you are a home owner looking for this kind of outcome you are a perfect candidate for going solar.

Going solar may not always be easy. Here are a few things to consider before going solar:

  1. If your home in California is big, solar may be too expensive
  2. The materials used are expensive to make
  3. Requires enough roof space and little shade
  4. Storing energy can be expensive (depending on the amount of energy is being used in the house)
  5. Some places in California don’t get the 6 hours of sun of effects of weather

Going solar is usually a hard decision to make, but most residents that live in California can benefit from going solar which can save a lot of money and less pollution to our environment.

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