Energy Guide: How to Save Energy During the Winter

Written by: Itzel Rodriguez

Throughout the cold winters, you strive to be as warm as possible, but setting high temperatures on the heater is not always the best route to take. For instance, having the heater at a high temperature not only uses an abundance of energy, but it makes your bill higher than it really should be. By setting your heater at 68 degrees you can still be comfortably warm while simultaneously saving both money and energy. If you still remain cold, you can always layer up and bring out the thick blankets that were stored away for the summer.

More ways you can save throughout the winter includes adjusting your thermostat at night. By lowering the thermostat 10 to 15 degrees for around eight hours, you are able to save up to 10% on heating bills per year. It is easier to turn the thermostat down during the night as you sleep because you can always warm yourself in bed with countless sheets and blankets!

Another way to save is by only heating the rooms you use. Spare rooms that are hardly ever used are unnecessary to warm as no one will be in them anyway. By not heating them with a space heater is one of the easiest ways to save energy. Additionally, keeping your furnace clean and unblocked is a great way to reduce energy consumption and also limits the possibility of any future issues with them.

Saving energy during the winter does not always have to be serious or boring tips. Other ways to save can be as simple as drinking hot beverages like tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Rather than drinking ice coffee on a daily basis and being extra cold, switch it to a nice hot coffee and feel warm on those chilly days. There is also the perk of investing in a rug that will not only look stylish in a room but help insulate the place if you have cold floors like tiles or wood. Lastly, the most festive way to save energy is exchanging regular decorative lights for LED decorative lights that provide you with the opportunity to have the same bright lights but save you energy and money.

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