Energy Guide: How to save energy during the holidays

Written by: Yamileth Duarte

What is something that you look forward to when it comes to Christmas? A lot of people love to celebrate Christmas with lights decorating the outside and inside of their homes, and this includes lighting a Christmas tree. As you may have experienced around the holidays, your energy bill may increase for a number of reasons. Saving energy this time of year is a way to save money, especially in these occasions where we all want to give gifts to our family and friends!

One important way to save energy for Christmas is to turn on your lights once it gets dark, and make sure to turn them off when you go to bed. Also, the perfect lights that save the most energy are LED lights. They can save 85% of your lighting costs compared to older incandescent lights. LEDs are also perfect for your Christmas tree lights. They are energy efficient and only costing less than $10 for a pack!

Even with the upfront cost, the money you save on your energy bills will make up for it in only a few months. It is important to think long term because of how much energy you are saving. Also, candles are a great way to light your home! They provide light and give off a festive smell. You would not use any energy at all using candles!

I really do hope that I can help you save energy. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Christmas!

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