Written by: Saul Gonzalez

So you want to save some energy and money? Well, you are in the right place! Here you will learn about the top 10 energy saving tips. These tips will be simple, yet effective, in the long run. Grab some snacks and lay back because you are about to experience the satisfaction of saving yourself some money and the world!

  1. Everybody washes clothes, but some people vary the number of loads they wash. If you wash full loads every time, then less loads overall need to be done! Also, washing in cold water should be used for everyone. Washing your clothes in cold water saves up to $63 a year. That’s $63 more towards that trip to Hawaii!
  2. If you have a central heating or cooling system, installing a programmable thermostat can save you money. Programmable thermostats can save 10% in cooling and heating costs. Hey! Now you can buy that computer monitor you’ve been wanting.
  3. This might seem crazy, but opening your shades during a cold winter day can actually help you warm up. Opening the shades allows some heat rays to enter your household and can help heat up your home. For a hot, sunny summer day you will want to close the shades. Closing the shades prevents all the hot heat rays to enter your house allowing it to cool down. Crazy, right?
  4. Turning off all your electronics and appliances that not in use can save both energy and money. Using a smart powerstrip can help out with that! Smart powerstrips can turn off all electronics and appliances for you. Whoa! You can now afford that purse you’ve been wanting for months now!
  5. A simple light bulb change can make a big difference. Switching to LED bulbs can save up to 85% in lighting costs. You may see your electricity bill go down next month!
  6. Many people don’t know this but there is this little logo that can save up to 30% on your electricity bills. Introducing, Energy Star! Buying Energy Star products can save some big bucks. Energy Star allows you to be up-to-date in today’s technology with that super saving power. People will be so jealous when they see that you are buying all these cool items!
  7. Everybody showers, but some people waste a lot of money showering. Buying low flow showerheads can save you money on not only your energy bills, but also your water bills!
  8. Again, if you have a central heating and cooling system, make sure to clean your air filter to save money. Having a dirty filter makes your system work harder, but if you clean it regularly you can keep the appliance running efficiently and saving money. Yup, that’s another dollar in the piggy bank. Feels good, right?
  9. Reducing your water heater temperature to 130 F can save energy and money. Simple and easy yet effective. Another dollar towards that new phone you’ve been wanting.
  10. Properly sealing air leaks can save up to 20% on heating and cooling bills. Having air leaks is just wasted heating or cooling that adds up to your bill that can costs you unwanted and unnecessary costs.

That’s right! We just sat here for 5 minutes talking about energy saving tips that can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Mind… Blown!

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