Written by: Brandon Ponce

When I first started my role as an Energy Ambassador I was nervous because I had a lot to learn. Although I was really nervous I was also really excited to learn about the program and the benefits it had in store for me. I started off on the Consultation Team. There I learned communication skills and was about to get the nerves out of the way. On my first consultation I was nervous, but after a few minutes my nerves went away and I had a great time helping out a fellow resident of Montebello learn new ways and techniques to save energy in her own home.

Some of the energy saving tips that I have learned since being in the program are that whenever shopping for a new appliance, whether it be a washing machine, air conditioning system or a refrigerator, always look for the ENERGY STAR label. Having appliances with this label will help you conserve energy along with other resources within your house that are usually being over used.

When I was on the Marketing Team I was the Facebook manager and I loved it. It taught me many new technical skills that I would need. The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a really good way to help you gain work experience and teach you a lot of energy saving tips so that you can teach them to your friends and family. Being an Energy Ambassador has prepared me for a lot of opportunities that I will come across in my near future.


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