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The Energy Ambassador Experience

Being a part of the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been a rewarding experience that Jacquelyn Castro is very glad to be a part of. The program has taught her about many ways to conserve energy and has helped her make an impact in her community. The program serves to help its student Energy Ambassadors gain real-world work experience, and since becoming an ambassador, Jacky's expectations have been exceeded.

The Energy Ambassador Returns

As a returning member from the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program’s spring cohort, Alejandro Cruz is excited and grateful to have been given the opportunity to return to the summer cohort. During the spring cohort, his hard work and persistence was recognized, and he was granted one of the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program scholarships. After receiving the invite to return to the program’s summer cohort, he immediately accepted due to the several experiences and opportunities the program can provide.

The best energy program for you!

Have you ever examined your utility bills closely and notice how excessive the payment is? Perhaps you’re wondering how you can reduce your energy usage in order to reduce these pricey bills. Sure, paying these bills can be one of the dreadful parts of a month, but this can be the perfect opportunity for our team of high school student Energy Ambassadors to assist you in reducing your energy usage so you can save money and the environment!

Benefits of Engaging in the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

As a MUSD Energy Ambassador, Andrea Hurtado has acquired an abundance of useful information about energy savings. Being part of this program has provided her with an overall new concept that small changes can make the biggest differences. Making even the smallest changes in your home sets you on track to not only conserving energy but also reducing your monthly bills.

Energy Guide: Going Solar

Want to save money and the planet by going solar? Shelsy Diaz, an Energy Ambassador for the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program, has prepared some of the top tips to help you find out if your house is a good candidate for solar power. Read on to learn more!

Enlightened with the Energy Ambassadors

After learning and interning with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program for one month now, the program has enriched Erick Silva with valuable work experience. One of the main skills he has put into practice is scheduling and time management. The priceless skills, experience, and new connections he will gain from his experience are extremely beneficial.

Energy Guide: The Truth about Solar Energy

People have their own opinions about several things. But when it comes to solar panels, people may think they know all there is to know. Little do they know, some of their information may be wrong. Diego Salandez has come up with the top three solar myths that people have been conceived by. 

My Experience

Gildardo Mata's experience with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Experience has been everything he was expecting. The program is showing him a lot from communication to putting himself out there in ways he has not done or wouldn’t think to do. He has been able to talk to people who want to save energy and want to get a free consultation.

What is it like being an Energy Ambassador?

Being an Energy Ambassador so far has been a great experience and something Efren Rodriguez is proud to do. The students in the program are all kind and Efren enjoys working with them during community outreach events and team meetings. It’s something enjoyable that Efren is sure they all enjoy as a team. From participating in team activities, figuring how to overcome an obstacle, and helping each other being comfortable around others is a great way that the program influences as a team.

Energy Guide: Top Solar Myths

Upgrading to solar can be nerve-racking and intimidating, especially when not many people know all the details. Jennifer Arcia is here to help ease your nerves! Myths can lead to fear, so here are the top solar myths debunked!