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My Time as an Energy Ambassador

My name is Emanuel Miranda and I have been an Energy Ambassador for about three months. My journey as an Energy Ambassador has been very exciting and fun. I began this program with little knowledge on ways to save energy, but now I have learned many energy saving tips. So many tips that I am able to teach others how to save and it’s all thanks to the program.

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The goals for Energy Ambassadors align with helping the community understand the importance of saving energy. Such ideal is beneficial for each member of the community in both the financial and environmental aspect. As residents of Bell Gardens and Montebello are informed of the benefits of saving energy, they begin to decrease their monthly electric/gas usage and at the same time make their community a healthier, happier place.

My Experience as an Energy Ambassador

Alejandra Arias's experience in the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been very educational. She has learned many new things about how to save energy. She has also learned how to save energy in many different ways, help the community, and make a difference in our city.


When Brandon Ponce first started his role as an Energy Ambassador he was nervous because he knew he had a lot to learn. Although he was really nervous he was also really excited to learn about the program and the benefits it had in store for him. The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a really good way to help students gain work experience and teach a lot of energy saving tips so that friends and family can learn as well. Being an Energy Ambassador has prepared Brandon for a lot of opportunities that he will come across in his near future.

Energy Guide: Summer & Winter Thermostat Tips

As the summer season ends and we move on to fall and winter, we begin to realize how high the electricity and gas bills are. However, we do not realize that our own actions can contribute to the high bills. By following the tips below that Darling Gonzales has prepared, we can save energy and money during the hot summer season and the chilly winter season!

Energy Guide: Keeping Cool Without the AC

Summer is a hot season. Although the obvious main choice that many people use to cool their home during these hot times is the air conditioner, it may not always be the best economical and environmentally friendly choice. With a combination of certain actions, you can keep your home cool during the summer while reducing the energy usage.

Energy Guide: Is going solar right for me?

Many home owners ask the question “Is going solar right for me?” Well, going solar is probably the best choice any home owners can make. There are many positives by going solar, but there are also some negatives when going solar. Daniel Nogal has prepared an helpful article to guide you in your solar decision.

My Experience as an Energy Ambassador so far…

Brayan Ayon's role as an Energy Ambassador has been honestly better than he expected! When he first entered the program with the training held at ATC, he expected that he would feel uncomfortable with my new co-workers and there would be hectic schedules where he wouldn't be able to work at all. Surprisingly enough, it is exactly the opposite of what he thought! Read on to learn more about Brayan's experience!

What my experience as an Energy Ambassador has been like

Kevin Vazquez's experience with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been quite an experience. He's spoken to many people during community outreach events and given PowerPoint presentations to a local Rotary Club. There are many benefits when it comes to this program, read on to learn more!

Energy Guide: Phantom Power Paucity?

Residents all around the world are guilty of leaving appliances and devices plugged into power outlets and not worrying about the consequences. Phantom power is the electrical energy that is consumed by power sucking vampires known as phantom power. With phantom power accounting for up to 15% of the total electrical usage in homes, it is very possible to lower energy home bills with a simple action: pull the plug.