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What the MUSD Energy Ambassadors Do

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a community program and internship that hires high school students to educate local residents from Bell Gardens and Montebello about being energy efficient within their household. The student interns are involved in three different areas: marketing, community outreach, and consultations.

My experience as an Energy Ambassador

Emanuel Miranda has been in the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program for six months and feels that the program is wonderful! He began in the summer of 2018 not knowing much about energy conservation, but as the program progressed he developed a greater understanding of what it truly meant to be energy efficient. In the program he was astonished by how it felt to have an actual job!

My Experience with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

Read about Rosalinda's experience as an Energy Ambassador! The Consultation and Community Outreach rotations gave her the experience of working face to face with residents, and she learned many tips and tricks that she will continue to use in the future!

Energy Guide: How to save energy during the holidays

What is something that you look forward to when it comes to Christmas? A lot of people love to celebrate Christmas with lights decorating the outside and inside of their homes, and this includes lighting a Christmas tree. As you may have experienced around the holidays, your energy bill may increase for a number of reasons. Saving energy this time of year is a way to save money, especially in these occasions where we all want to give gifts to our family and friends!

Learn how our program works!

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program focuses on helping residents and high school students of Bell Gardens and Montebello learn more about saving energy. Our program helps the community and raises awareness on the amount of electricity that’s used in homes. In this program we have three different sections; the Community Outreach Team, Consultation Team, and Marketing Team. Read on to learn more!

New Experiences and What I have learned

Joseph Aguilar has had an amazing experience and loved every minute of it of his Energy Ambassador experience. He really has valued his time with his fellow ambassadors and also with the program leaders who helped him teach, communicate, and improve every step of the way to better the lives of those in his community, but his own as well.

Energy Guide: save energy and money with your washing machine!

What you don’t know can’t hurt you but, it will hurt your wallet! Many residents aren’t aware of their laundry habits that waste energy and cause them to waste more money overall. Here are some tips on how to be more energy conscious.

how can the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program benefit you?

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a community and internship program where high school students (like Rosalinda Diaz!) work with Engie Services US to promote energy savings. Our program is a student led program with high school students from Bell Gardens High School and the Applied Technology Center in Montebello. Our program focuses on helping Montebello and Bell Gardens residents by offering free home energy consultations.

How does our program help communities?

You are probably thinking what is an “Energy Ambassador”? An Energy Ambassador is a person who works with other people to achieve community-wide energy savings. The program gives high school students from Montebello and Bell Gardens an opportunity to develop their skills such as writing, communication, and time management. Not only that, but these students help their community by providing information on how to save energy so we can all have a cleaner environment.


So you want to save some energy and money? Well, you are in the right place! Here you will learn about the top 10 energy saving tips. These tips will be simple, yet effective, in the long run. Grab some snacks and lay back because you are about to experience the satisfaction of saving yourself some money and the world!