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Energy Guide: Saving Energy Helps the Earth

Have you ever thought of a day when the earth becomes uninhabitable? Like the Disney movie Wall-E, where humans are forced to leave earth because of pollution? However, the difference between us and a movie is that we have a chance to preserve our Earth. Many people do not understand the magnitude of the importance of saving energy and how easily one person can help.

Energy Guide: Electric cars are the future

The future of electric cars is here! People may be scared of these new self-driving electric vehicles and may not see the great benefits that come along with self-driving electric vehicles. It is common for people to be scared of change and fear new things unless we truly understand them. The fact is that self-driving electric vehicles release fewer emissions into our atmosphere, helping out our current issues with pollution in the Earth’s atmosphere.

What Is the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program?

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is an important program for the residents of Montebello and Bell Gardens because we help them save on their energy bills and give useful tips. Our program is a student led program with high school students from Bell Gardens High School and ATC.

My Energy Ambassador Experience

Carolina Salazar's experience as an Energy Ambassador has taught her how to be time efficient, responsible, and has given her a sense of the real word. So far, she has worked on energy guides for residents to take home during outreach events, articles on efficient appliances, and been on consultations for residents who are interested in saving energy. She is finally going to be a part of the Community Outreach Team, where she has an opportunity of educating the public and spreading the word about our program and our home consultations. 

The Energy Ambassador Program through My Eyes

Being an MUSD Energy Ambassador has been one of the best decisions that Ammily Perez has made, however, it has not been all fun and games. This program has forced her to grow as an individual, which she is thankful for because before being in this program, she admits she was not at her full potential. She has learned what she is capable of and discovered helpful new skills; all while creating new bonds along the way.

Energy Guide: Tis The Season to Save Energy!

As the hot summer weather comes to a seasonal end, it’s time to bring out the thick blankets, jackets, and umbrellas as the temperatures begin to drop. Holidays roll in, meaning many will start decorating their household with festive holiday lights as well as crank up the heater to keep the family warm during the winter nights. The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is here to help our community residents with energy saving tips they can consider this winter season.

What is the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program?

Our program is a joint community program from Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) and ENGIE Service U.S to help the citizens of Bell Gardens and Montebello in saving energy and money through free home energy consultations. This program also provides internships for high school students who wish to gain work experience, expand their social skills, and want to learn about saving energy.

My Ambassador Experience

Edwin Ponce's time being an Energy Ambassador has changed his viewpoint on certain areas regarding job and work duties. So far, he has direct deposits into his bank account, worked on postcards and flyers to try and send out the message of our program, and met with fellow ambassadors at certain outreach events to meet resident and get them to sign up for our home consultations.

How our program benefits everyone!

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a student-led program that provides high school students with work experience as well as knowledge about energy efficiency. The student Energy Ambassadors also assist with the free in-home consultations that we offer to residents of the Bell Gardens or Montebello and give tips on energy conservation around the house.

Energy Guide: Tips on Phantom Power

Let's talk about what phantom power is! Phantom power is the energy consumed from an electronic that is plugged in but turned off. A lot of people tend to think that when something is off and plugged in it does not drain power. But the electronic still uses energy! Adrian Hernandez has prepared a guide filled with tips that can really help you save energy and money since phantom power can make up to 15% of your bill!