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How does the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program Benefit You?

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a high school student program that helps spread the word about how to lower your electricity and gas bills as well as save energy. This program is to benefit both high school students as well as the residents of Montebello and Bell Gardens. The students involved are known as Energy Ambassadors and they rotate through three different types of teams to gain experience and learn new skills.

My MUSD Experience

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program provides students, like Amy Martinez, the opportunity to build up skills with marketing and social skills. These skills will help many of us in the future. It’s a great opportunity to work with the program and Amy hopes to learn more new things.

Energy Guide: Phantom Power – The Invisible Menace

Phantom power is one contributor to high electricity bills and in wasting energy. Many people do not know why their energy bills are rising when they are doing everything they can to save energy. On average, every household has 40 or more electronic devices that consume phantom power, and phantom power can account for 10-15% of a home’s electric bill. Although phantom power can be easily reduced, most people are unaware of what phantom power is and how it affects their bills.

How we help save money

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a program in which students from Bell Gardens High School and the Applied Technology Center educate the residents of the Montebello and Bell Gardens areas about saving energy. The program’s goal is to teach people how to be energy efficient, which can in return save them money. During any outreach event, students will inform residents about saving energy as well as our free in-home energy consultations that we offer.

My Innovative Learning Experience

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has given Janette Rico the opportunity to attain various resourceful skills that she is sure will be very useful in the long run and especially in her future. To add, the internship continues to give students beneficial tools that will certainly come in handy in their future and education.

My Unique Experience

Itzel Rodriguz's experience in the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program so far has been a beneficial opportunity. The internship has taught her the importance of time management, and because the program is treated exactly like a job, she has learned how to balance her school work, extracurricular activities, and the tasks that she is assigned. She is looking forward to being able to bond with her community so that she can be more involved and give back to the environment that she grew up in

You Have the Power to Conserve!

Are you struggling in reducing your monthly bills? Do you need a productive change and new ideas that will not only reduce your monthly bill but also conserve energy? Andrea Hurtado and her fellow Energy Ambassadors are here to help! Learn more about the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program!

Energy Guide: Phantom Power, Be Gone!

Phantom power is one of the many ways that you waste energy and raise your electric bill. Phantom power is something that can be easily prevented but it is often forgotten by most households. Most people who don’t know what phantom power is or how to reduce it are missing out on a large opportunity to save money on their monthly bills. To learn more, continue reading the helpful guide that Edwin Ponce has prepared.

Energy Guide: Solutions to Phantom Power

Phantom power is a common problem throughout households. Most residents are not aware of phantom power, hence the name. Phantom power is the electricity drawn from devices left plugged in but turned off. Phantom power creates a problem not only to our environment but to our pockets as well. To learn how to reduce phantom power use, read the guide that Citlalli Arteaga has prepared.

My Exciting Learning Experience

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has become very beneficial in Gisselle Martinez's life. This internship continues to give her a lot of tools that are going to be very useful to her future and in her education. She really enjoys the group she started off with, which is the Community Outreach Team, and she is looking forward the many new connections that are to come in this program.