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Energy Guide: How to Save Energy During the Winter

Throughout the cold winters, you strive to be as warm as possible, but setting high temperatures on the heater is not always the best route to take. For instance, having the heater at a high temperature not only uses an abundance of energy, but it makes your bill higher than it really should be. Saving energy during the winter does not always have to be serious or boring tips. Itzel Rodriguez has prepared an energy guide with simple and fun tips to help you save energy during the winter!

Energy Guide: What is Phantom Power?

Phantom power is one of the factors that can affect how much you’ll end up paying on your energy bill. Although phantom power can account for 10-15% of your home’s electricity consumption, it can amount to a lot of money you could have been saved. Not many residents know what phantom power is. Here at the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program, Leonardo Gonzalez is here to let you know what phantom power is, how it works, and what you can do to reduce it.

The Entire World of an Energy Ambassador

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program’s main focus is informing the residents of Bell Gardens and Montebello on different ways to conserve energy in their own home. These tips are completely FREE and can be used in everyday life. Our program is student led and benefits the students as well as people in the community.

A Valuable Internship

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a internship given to high school students from Bell Gardens High School and ATC. The program gives each individual student the opportunity to gain more knowledge about energy savings and make an impact on their community. Students elected to participate in this program are trained to go to community outreach events, consultations as well as be a part of the marketing team.

Energy Ambassador? What’s that?

You might be wondering “What is the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program?” and “What do they do?” Well, this article will answer those questions for you! The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a program led by high school student Energy Ambassadors that teaches the Energy Ambassadors new skills that they will one day need in the working field while also teaching them about energy conservation.

So far…

So far, Julio Aguilar's experience as an intern for the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been fun. Everyone is really friendly and there really is no exception. He has never been an intern before, but if every internship is like this one he could be an intern anywhere. He is looking forward to learning new things as well as meeting new people and seeing his community be impacted for the better.

My Wonderful Learning Experience

Being a part of the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has taught Yamileth Duarte a lot about ways to conserve energy, which is the sole purpose of the program, and has given her the opportunity to evolve as a person. Furthermore, this internship has allowed her to attain useful skills and tools that will come in handy not just in her education but also in her future. Yamileth has made new friendships and has opened up to new opportunities that will benefit her and help her grow.

How does the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program Benefit You?

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a high school student program that helps spread the word about how to lower your electricity and gas bills as well as save energy. This program is to benefit both high school students as well as the residents of Montebello and Bell Gardens. The students involved are known as Energy Ambassadors and they rotate through three different types of teams to gain experience and learn new skills.

My MUSD Experience

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program provides students, like Amy Martinez, the opportunity to build up skills with marketing and social skills. These skills will help many of us in the future. It’s a great opportunity to work with the program and Amy hopes to learn more new things.

Energy Guide: Phantom Power – The Invisible Menace

Phantom power is one contributor to high electricity bills and in wasting energy. Many people do not know why their energy bills are rising when they are doing everything they can to save energy. On average, every household has 40 or more electronic devices that consume phantom power, and phantom power can account for 10-15% of a home’s electric bill. Although phantom power can be easily reduced, most people are unaware of what phantom power is and how it affects their bills.