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MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is an internship given to high school students from Bell Gardens High School and Applied Technology Center. These students are trained to go to community outreach events or assist in-home energy consultations where they will provide people with information and different ways that energy can be saved. This program overall provides the community with more knowledge about energy and how they can make simple changes within their home to save energy, money and help the environment.

My Experience

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been a great experience so far for Alyssa Cruz. The program has shown her how to save energy, how to collaborate with other people, and put herself out there when meeting new people. When collaborating with her team, she was able to meet new people and felt really comfortable working together to finish their tasks.

My Experience With the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

Sinahi Gaytan has been given the opportunity to work as an Energy Ambassador for the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program. She has learned so much ever since starting this program about one month ago. The program has brought a lot of knowledge to her about ways a community can save energy by making simple changes in their home.

Energy Guide: Energy Efficient Lighting

The most popular energy efficient light bulbs are Lighting Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs). Both types of light bulbs significantly save energy being compared to incandescent bulbs, which lowers electricity bills. Even though there are different prices between the two light bulbs, LEDs and CFLs both have their own benefits that contribute to saving energy. Read on to learn more!

My Experience as an Energy Ambassador

Irania Ochoa's short time as an MUSD Energy Ambassador has been a memorable one. In the span of a few weeks she has made many new friends and expanded her horizons regarding who she associates herself with. While being in the program Irania has established relationships with her coworkers, educated her community on ways to conserve energy and save money all while making friends and having fun.

Energy Guide: Are you in need of a new appliance?

A cost efficient appliance may seem like a great investment at the moment. However, as time goes on, that inexpensive appliance could potentially be costing you more rather than saving you money like it once did. When looking for an energy efficient appliance, Michelle Fonseca, an Energy Ambassador for the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program, has prepared tips that can save your wallet.

Everything Has A Purpose and This Is Ours

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is an organization led by Bell Gardens High School and Applied Technology Center students. This program gives the opportunity for students to promote energy conservation for the good of the environment, give tips to homeowners and renters on how to save money while saving energy, and get the opportunity to give back to the community. Students are provided with great work experience that will benefit them later on in their future.

My Amazing Experience

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been such a great experience and is something Samuel Salas has enjoyed doing. He's been able to make new friends and feel more confident when speaking to others. Everyone in the program is always happy to help each other during community outreach events and team meetings. The program has such an incredible impact not just on the student Energy Ambassadors but as well as the communities of Bell Gardens and Montebello.

Energy Guide: Alternatives for Fossil Fuels

Did you know that since 2011 about 82% of the world's energy is sourced from fossil fuels? There multiple ways to source electricity that are better than fossil fuels and better for the environment. The most common ways are: solar, wind, and hydropower. All of these sources are renewable energy sources.

What do the MUSD Energy Ambassadors do?

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a program that involves high school students that attend the Applied Technology Center in Montebello and Bell Gardens High School. The program also gives back to the community by offering free in-home consultations for residents who live in the Bell Gardens or Montebello area and teaching the community how to save energy to lower energy bills.