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My Experience

Gildardo Mata's experience with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Experience has been everything he was expecting. The program is showing him a lot from communication to putting himself out there in ways he has not done or wouldn’t think to do. He has been able to talk to people who want to save energy and want to get a free consultation.

What is it like being an Energy Ambassador?

Being an Energy Ambassador so far has been a great experience and something Efren Rodriguez is proud to do. The students in the program are all kind and Efren enjoys working with them during community outreach events and team meetings. It’s something enjoyable that Efren is sure they all enjoy as a team. From participating in team activities, figuring how to overcome an obstacle, and helping each other being comfortable around others is a great way that the program influences as a team.

Energy Guide: Top Solar Myths

Upgrading to solar can be nerve-racking and intimidating, especially when not many people know all the details. Jennifer Arcia is here to help ease your nerves! Myths can lead to fear, so here are the top solar myths debunked!

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What is the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program?

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a student-led program that provides residents of Bell Gardens and Montebello information about energy saving through free in-home consultations. Students are trained to understand the importance of energy saving so that they can share that knowledge when assisting with the consultations or during community outreach events.

What is the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program?

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program was created to help residents understand the different ways they can save money on their SoCal Edison and SoCal Gas bills while maintaining their energy usage low. Free home consultations are available to residents of Bell Gardens and Montebello to help them understand why their bills might be high and help them lower the amount they are charged.

Start of something new!

Nicole Perrotin recently became a part of the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program and so far, her experience as an Energy Ambassador has been ideal. Much of what she's seen and been a part of is what she imagined. She gets to play a role in her community by informing people on ways to save energy and money.

Continuing My Role as Energy Ambassador

In early June of this year, Daniel Trigo accepted the invitation to rejoin the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program for our summer cohort. His first cohort, which started in February, changed his viewpoint on energy and helped give him new ways to develop skills in writing and speaking. He feels excited to continue his role as Energy Ambassador, as he is able to further help his community and the environment.

Energy Guide: What to look for in a washing machine?

So, you’re looking for a new washing machine? Well, does Carolina Salazar have the guide for you. Shopping in general for appliances is difficult and confusing when you don’t know what to look for. A common style people go for is a top-loading washing machine with an agitator. This is the wrong way to go! To learn why, read more!

Introducing Our Program

What is the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program? Our program works with high school students from two schools: Bell Gardens High School and the Applied Technology Center in Montebello.  The program partners with ENGIE and MUSD. We offer free home energy consultations to Montebello and Bell Gardens homeowners and renters. During our consultations, we will go to your home and give you energy-saving tips and show you how you can save energy around your home based on your habits.