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A Fulfilling Experience

Cynthia Delgado's experience with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been an overall great experience. Learning and meeting other wonderful people who Cynthia got to experience the internship with has also been wonderful. Having the opportunity to be part of this internship has been filled with great responsibility and hard work.

Living and Learning!

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has offered Alejandro Cruz the opportunity to develop a strong foundation of valuable social skills and hands on training to help himself transition into future careers. He is excited to showcase his experience and knowledge in different areas outside of the internship because of the confidence the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has built into him.

MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a student driven program that provides community energy savings in Bell Gardens and Montebello, CA. Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) has partnered with ENGIE Services to educate residents on how they can reduce energy consumption and save money through free in-home energy consultations.

Energy Guide: Effective Methods for Washing Clothes

Need tips on how to save energy when washing your clothes? Look no further! Darling Gonzalez, a student Energy Ambassador, has summarized the top 10 energy saving tips when doing laundry.

info about the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a community oriented program from the Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) and ENGIE Services. The program provides local students from Applied Technology Center and Bell Gardens High School with the skills needed to educate residents on how to reduce their energy consumption in their home.

My Experience as an Energy Ambassador

Javier Martinez's experience as an Energy Ambassador is everything he has hoped for. He's gotten real hands on experience working and have had the opportunity to further develop his skills. He has learned what community outreach is like and is able to contribute his own ideas to the program. He's had many opportunities to interact with people interested in our program which has helped improve his communication skills.

My Internship Experience

Natalie Andrade is currently a junior attending Bell Gardens High School. Besides that, she is also a part of the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program. So far she has given a presentation about the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program to the Lions Club of Montebello, given information about energy savings and our program to my fellow neighbors and at the library, written energy guide articles, created a laundry appliances flyer, practiced a home consultation, and more!


The first electric vehicle was invented in the year of 1884 (that was a long time ago). Electric cars weren’t as popular or talked about as they are today. Chances are, you have heard of electric vehicles, but don’t know much about them. There are many benefits when you switch to an electric or hybrid car. Some of these include: saving money, helping the environment, and also helping our economy.

Energy Guide: Saving Your Refrigerator All At Once!

Many refrigerators that people use today may consume more energy than needed, such as older models of refrigerators. Now there are many brands and tips on how to save energy and money with your refrigerator. Tips such as how much you should stock your refrigerator, how to keep your refrigerator running properly, what should you look for in a new refrigerator, and more!