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MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program consists of student interns from Bell Gardens High School and the Applied Technology Center informing the community about energy savings. The interns communicate with homeowners to inform them about how to change their habits to reduce their energy usage and save money. The program has three major goals that will benefit the community.

My Experience as an Energy Ambassador

Charlie Martinez's experience as an Energy Ambassador so far is everything he has hoped for. He's gotten real hands-on experience working and have had the opportunity to further develop his skills. This job has given him many opportunities to work with others to reach a goal. He has learned what marketing was like and was able to contribute his own ideas to the program. He has many opportunities to interact with people interested in the program which has helped improve his communication skills.


Within the past few years, electric cars have been increasing in popularity. Many people tend to underestimate their efficiency and capabilities. The truth is electric cars are capable of doing the same things as gas cars. In fact, electric cars are even more efficient than gas cars. Electric cars can benefit you in three ways: saving money on fuel, less maintenance on the car, and saving our planet from harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

Energy Ambassador Program Experience

Working with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program as a high school student has been an amazing experience for Denise Reyes. She is able to balance her school work and work from the program. The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has taught her many skills such as social skills, communication skills, and leadership skills.

My Experience as an Energy Ambassador

Stephanie Diaz is a Senior at Bell Gardens High School. She is also part of the G.R.E.E.N pathway in her school, which is how she found out about the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program. She thought that being part of the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program was the perfect opportunity to learn about energy conservation and how to help her community save energy at home.

Energy Guide: Unlimited Energy

Ever heard of a solar panel? If you have no clue what a solar panel is then you are not aware on a renewable way to save energy! A solar panel is designed to absorb the sun’s energy to then be converted into electricity to power your home. Of course, to own a solar panel system there is certain restrictions. Karen Romero has summarized the most helpful information to consider before going solar!

Working with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

Working with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has taught Melissa Munguia many new things, including leadership and communication skills, and how to work together as a team. It has been a fun journey so far because she has learned a lot of new information that she did not know before. Although she has not been able to do many consultations, she has learned that it is important to learn how to talk to adults and people in general.

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

Reducing energy use can have a big impact environmentally, economically, and financially. In the MUSD Energy Ambassadors Program, we encourage energy savings and conduct home consultations. The home consultations allow the resident to see the exact changes they can make to save the most energy and money.

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a program created by Engie Services and the Montebello Unified School District. The two partnered to create a program to give back to the surrounding communities of Montebello and Bell Gardens. This is done with the help of high school interns who are currently juniors or seniors at Bell Garden High School and the Applied Technology Campus in Montebello.

Energy Guide: Tips on Efficient Clothes Washing

Owning a washing machine can be one of the top energy consuming product in your home. It is important to choose a low energy and water using washing machine and it is important to know how to use it efficiently. Although there are many washing machines available in the market, not all of them work as well as others. Melissa Munguia has prepared a guide to help you look for and use a washing machine efficiently.