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The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is community energy savings program provided by the Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) with internships available to high school students from Bell Gardens High School and The Applied Technology Center. The program focuses on the cities of Bell Gardens and Montebello, in which the students inform the community about being more energy efficient and how to save money. There are many reasons to sign up for the program whether you are a student interested in the internship or a resident interested in our free in-home energy consultations.

A New View of Energy

Over a month ago, Daniel Trigo joined the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program. So far the program has opened his mind in how he views energy usage in the community. Joining the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program helped him change how he used energy, and also how to help inform other residents in Montebello and Bell Gardens on how they can save energy.

My Experience as an MUSD Energy Ambassador

Being an Energy Ambassador so far has been enjoyable and fun for Israel Carrillo. He has been an Energy Ambassador for two months now and so far the experience has been manageable as the supervisors organize and schedule events according to his own schedule and availability. Israel will let you know about the application process as well as the first few days of training. Read on to learn more!

Energy Guide: Top Electricity Users

Saving electricity is important, especially if it can reduce your energy bill. There are three top electricity users in most homes: space cooling (AC), lighting, phantom power from TVs, computers, and more.

Energy Guide: Learn how to lower your bills when the heat rises

As summer is approaching, energy bills tend to rise up along with the rise in temperature. Here are 5 ways to conserve energy during the hot summer days!

Energy Guide: Top Tips for Saving Natural Gas

Bryan Paez, one of the student Energy Ambassadors for the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program, has prepared an energy guide that focuses on the top tips for saving natural gas in your home. Learn and conserve with Bryan's helpful guide!

Energy Guide: High Energy Products

When an upgrade is needed, some standard household products can be hard to choose because there are so many types on the market with different features and different energy usages. A refrigerator is an essential part of every home kitchen, and keeping your food products adequately chilled to ensure safety and quality is important for you and your family. However, there are many different needs that should be considered when determining the type of refrigerator that will be the right fit for you, including space restrictions, lifestyle, and budget.

The Quest to Efficiency

Who are we and exactly what do we do? We are a group of students determined to help our communities by not only reducing the usage of electricity, gas, and water, but also by reducing YOUR bills. We have the chance to help any residents within the city limits of Montebello and Bell Gardens.

My Experience as an Energy Ambassador

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a program run by students from Bell Gardens and ATC High Schools. The work we do as Energy Ambassadors is divided into three groups; the consultation group, the community outreach group, and the marketing group. Each month the students rotate to a different group. Rose Robles is currently enrolled in the program and was previously in the consultation group and am now in the community outreach group.

Energy Guide: Know What You’re Spending on Your Bills

When it comes to bills, whether it's natural gas or electricity, people often overlook the billing information. They don't really know what they're paying for or why the prices are so high or so low. Instead, they just pay the bill to get it over with. However, it is important to thoroughly analyze your natural gas and electricity bills, as well as understand them. Analyzing and understanding your bills brings you one step closer to controlling and reducing your energy expenses. Look at your bills to save you dollar bills!