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What is the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program?

The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is partnered up with Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) to provide an opportunity for students, just like Andrew Barrientos, to experience a first job! The program is designed to inform residents within Bell Gardens and Montebello on how to save energy and money in their homes. To learn more about the program and Andrew's job experience, click read more!

What Makes Your Home Perfect for Solar?

Over the past few years, solar energy has been a popular alternative for homeowners. So why should you switch to solar? Natalie Andrade, an Energy Ambassador for the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program, talks you through the important information you need to know before deciding if solar is right for you.

My Energy Ambassador Experience So Far

Samantha Jameson's experience so far in the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has been both interesting and exciting. She has learned many new things, ranging from everyday household object energy use to learning the tiered rate billing structure for SoCal Gas and SoCal Edison. She has also learned how to ensure a more energy efficient lifestyle for myself, as well as for my family. To find out what Samantha is looking forward to the most during her internship, click to read more!

My Energy Ambassador Internship Experience

Samantha Manrique has benefited from her involvement with the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program and she only just started! As an Energy Ambassador she has become closer with new people and is getting insight on what the real world is like. Even more, she is learning how to manage my time wisely. This position is her first job and she is really glad she took the opportunity to go through the process of submitting my resume and completing an interview because otherwise she would not have gained so much from this program already!

What is an Energy Ambassador?

The Montebello Unified School District (MUSD) has enabled high school students to take advantage of an opportunity that can help them in both the short-term and long-term. By inviting high school students from Bell Gardens High School and the Applied Technology Center High School in Montebello, MUSD has enabled 34 students in achieving knowledge of energy-saving strategies and also engaging them in an opportunity that can benefit their work experience for the future.

Learn More About the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program!

The MUSD Energy Ambassdor Program can help save energy! YOU can receive FREE advice through free energy consultations from high school students in your community. Specifically, how you can save energy in your home and reduce your energy bills through small habit changes and small purchases!


Searching for ways to save energy in our home can be difficult since we may still own old appliances that use up a lot of energy. Upgrading to new, more efficient appliances is even more difficult since the costs are normally high. Do not let that stop you from finding new ways to save energy with making an expensive upgrade!

Inside Look of the Energy Ambassador

Becoming part of the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has given Alejandro Cruz the opportunity to develop skills that will prepare him for future jobs. The program offers the ability to receive hands-on experience with energy consultations in my community, developing communication and customer service skills, and earning money for helping educate our community on energy savings.

The Ambassador Behind the Energy

Being part of the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program has helped introduce Kimberly Gonzalez to new ways of conserving energy. Thankfully, she is a part of this program where I learn that simple things, such as closing the blinds on hot days preventing the sun from shining in, can ultimately conserve energy. Small things like this along with small purchases can bring along new ways to not only lower energy bills but also to save energy!


The MUSD Energy Ambassador Program is a student-led program that reaches out to local communities and teaches new ways to save energy and money within residential homes! We encourage the community to engage in the program and sign up to receive free in-home energy consultations. The program is beneficial to anyone involved! To learn how, read Cynthia Delgado's article to find out!