Introducing the MUSD Energy Ambassador Program

The MUSD Energy Ambassador program is focused around local high school students working together to achieve community-wide energy savings in Montebello and Bell Gardens, CA. Montebello Unified School District and ENGIE Services U.S. created the MUSD Energy Ambassador program to provide students from two different high schools with the opportunity to educate residents on how to reduce their energy consumption and save money through free in-home energy consultations.

The two high schools that are a part of the MUSD Energy Ambassador program are Applied Technology Center and Bell Gardens High School. The MUSD Energy Ambassador program offers the following benefits for the students at these schools:

  • Apply to become Energy Ambassadors in your community
  • Receive hands-on experience assisting with in-home energy consultations
  • Develop skills that will prepare you for future jobs in the environmental and renewable technologies fields
  • Get paid for making a difference!

The MUSD Energy Ambassador program offers the following benefits for the residents in Montebello and Bell Gardens:

  • Save energy and money during free in-home energy consultations
  • Spend savings locally to help build a stronger economy in both Montebello and Bell Gardens
  • Support your local youth!

To learn more about this beneficial program, click here.

To sign up for your free home visit, click here.


Are you a Montebello or Bell Gardens resident? Sign up for a free in-home energy consultation from local high school students and a home consultant and receive personalized recommendations for savings.
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Are you a high school student at Applied Technology Center or Bell Gardens High School interested in energy conservation and environmental awareness? Apply to become an Energy Ambassador today!
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